Collingwood Trunk Sewer

Metro Vancouver
Vancouver, BC

The work for this project includes the supply and installation of all materials related to the construction of the Collingwood Trunk Sewer.

JJM is responsible for the supply and installation of approximately 208 m of 900 mm diameter PVC sanitary sewer pipe and approximately 225 m of 750 mm diameter PVC sanitary sewer pipe. Bypassing sanitary sewer flows will be necessary to carry out the removal of the existing sewer, and install the new sewer. The work will also include:

  • Construction of City sewers and modifications to City sewer system;
  • Construction of associated manholes, connections, tie-ins and appurtenances;
  • Removal and disposal of sections of the existing Collingwood Trunk Sewer;
  • Restoration, clean-up and landscaping; and
  • Other related work and/or matters including, but not limited to construction of pedestrian and traffic control, and compliance with safety requirements.

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