Coquitlam UV Disinfection Plant

JJM Construction Ltd. was selected by Kenaidan Contracting Ltd. to perform excavation, shoring and site servicing activities for the new UV Disinfection Plant in the Coquitlam Watershed, undertaken for Metro Vancouver. Scope of work included preparation of spoil disposal areas; excavation, hauling and placing +/- 100,000m³ of spoil; shoring of the excavation site; placement of granular backfill material around the new infrastructure; removing existing utilities; installation of new site services and utilities; restoration of the spoil disposal sites; and architectural finishing work on the retaining structure. JJM worked with GeoPacific Consultants Ltd. and Southwest Contracting Ltd. to design and build a retaining structure up to 25m in depth, consisting of a shotcrete and soil anchor wall combined with a secant pile wall installation at key locations. The work was carried out in an environmentally sensitive watershed and while protecting the existing water distribution system infrastructure.

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Kenaidan Contracting Ltd.


Coquitlam, British Columbia


September, 2011 - December, 2013


Project highlights

  • Extensive environmental works due to project location inside watershed
  • Development and reclamation of 5 ha for disposal sites
  • Extensive shoring up to 25m deep with a secant pile/tieback wall
  • Extensive utility protection works
  • Architectural finishes on shoring wall

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