Emergency Bank Protection

City of Abbotsford
Abbotsford, BC

JJM Construction Ltd. (JJM) was selected by the City of Abbotsford to complete emergency bank protection works on the Erosion Arc F section of the Fraser River, west of Page Road in Abbotsford, BC. The purpose of these works was to prevent ongoing slope instability along the bank as a result of erosion and over-steepening. Activities for the work consisted of the supply, delivery and installation of rock along the exposed bank. Approximate quantities of the rock included 11,300 tonnes of Type 1 Rock, 10,700 tonnes of Type 2 Rock and 2,600 tonnes of Type 3 Rock.JJM transported rock material and equipment to site by tug and barge, and operated from the bank and barge whenever necessary. Clamshell buckets were used to carefully lower and place the rock.

The project site was documented as being a highly productive and diverse habitat for a range of animal species, particularly schooling fish such as Salmonid fry. As such, work had to be done in a careful and minimally disruptive manner. Continuous environmental monitoring was in place, and the work was completed without incident.Due to the emergency nature of this project, JJM had a short period of time to secure the required materials, which was likewise accomplished without incident.

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