Middle Harbour Fill Site Remediation

Victoria, BC

JJM was a joint venture partner in a project targeting the environmental remediation of a high profile greenspace in Victoria’s busy harbour. The site had a history of commercial contamination, and the project goal was to remediate and restore the site. It was crucial to complete the project in the tourist off-season, as well as during a critical fisheries window. The project work included earthworks and excavation; dredging; materials classification, handling, transportation and disposal; the packaging and transportation of hazardous waste (HW) PCBs; hydrographic surveys and imaging; and the transportation and placement of import gravels and fill. In order to avoid nearly 25,000 dumptruck trips through a high-profile residential neighborhood and Victoria’s busy downtown, JJM established two barge loading ramp facilities on either side of the project site at Laurel Point, allowing the contaminated materials to be loaded directly onto transport barges, and to allow the imported material to be barged directly to site.

Much consultation with harbour user groups was required to determine barge positioning as well as repositioning during daily operations. Because traditional ramps were not feasible, JJM engineered barge modifications to use rail cars as barge loading ramps. Excavators were fitted with RTK-GPS units for precision excavation of the complex deposits and to avoid cross contamination. Temporary mooring piles at the west ramp met refusal due to shallow bedrock so JJM solved the problem by advancing piles directly into bedrock using downhole drilling rig. Additionally, the project was completed ahead of schedule, the site incurred zero lost-time incidents, and zero reportable environmental incidents.

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