Ridley Island Road Rail Utility Corridor

Prince Rupert Port Authority
Prince Rupert, BC

In 2013, JJM Construction Ltd. (together with Coast Tsimshian Enterprises and Emil Anderson Construction (EAC) Inc.) began work on the Road, Rail and Utility Corridor (RRUC) Project in Prince Rupert, BC. The project, located on Ridley Island, is intended to significantly increase the capacity of the Prince Rupert Port Authority’s bulk materials transhipment capacity.

The site conditions on Ridley Island are typical of the Pacific Northwest coastal region. The areas are covered with dense scrub timber and brush, growing on saturated muskeg of variable thickness, overlying severely folded and irregular granite bedrock. Clearing the trees and brush, and excavating the muskeg can be very challenging and has defeated more than one contractor in the past, but JJM has developed an efficient methodology and demonstrated our capabilities and qualifications every day.

The project also achieved a further goal of maximizing employment opportunities for locals, with more than 80% of the 78-person workforce coming from the region; and of that large local contingent, almost 70% were First Nations community members – 55% of the total project workforce.

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