Steveston North Jetty Rock Repairs

Public Works and Government Services Canada
Richmond, BC

In 2014, JJM Construction Ltd. (JJM) was selected by Public Works and Government Services Canada to complete the Steveston North Jetty Rock Repairs project. Activities for this job were comprised of maintenance and repair works, including placement of filter rock and rip rap in deteriorated areas along the jetty. This was done to re-establish the side slopes and crest elevation of the jetty to previous design conditions.

JJM transported rock material and equipment to site by tug and barge, and operated from barges on the south side of the jetty. Barge-mounted equipment was used to place the under layer and armour rock.

Key portions of the installation had to be completed during low tide, which meant night work had to be incorporated into the schedule. Additionally, work was carried out next to a busy shipping channel with no impact on ship movements.

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