Environmental Solutions & Services

Partnering with our clients on integrated environmental solutions, JJM works with all stakeholders to build trust, communication, and sustainability while safely completing clean-up, remediation, and closure of contaminated sites. JJM is dedicated to protecting and maintaining the environment to build better, sustainable solutions. 

We have completed a number of remediation projects including:

  • Construction/remediation in urban and congested areas.
  • Construction/remediation in remote areas.
  • Remediation of large amounts of contaminated materials.
  • Transport of contaminated materials to treatment facilities across North America.
  • Working with First Nations.
  • Working within the constraints of habitat/fisheries/tourism windows.


Soil Excavation & Dredging / Transport, Treatment & Disposal

JJM has extensive experience managing the precision excavation, classification, and transportation/disposal of soils and contaminants to treatment facilities. We have experience working with facilities across North America transporting materials by barge, rail, and truck as needed. JJM won a VRCA Silver Award of Excellence for such a project in 2019 for our work at Middle Harbour/Victoria where we successfully removed and transported approximately 100k tonnes of material, remediating, and re-vegetating a high-profile and highly visible landmark in Victoria’s Inner Harbour.

Middle Harbour Fill Site Remediation
Middle Harbour Fill Site Remediation

Colwood Jetties Remediation
Colwood Jetties Remediation

Plumper Bay and Ashe Head Remediation
Plumper Bay and Ashe Head Remediation


Shoreline Erosion Protection & Sensitive Habitat Reclamation

Reclamation work in sensitive areas involves additional planning, consultation, and expertise. JJM has considerable experience working closely with regulating authorities such as Fisheries, Port/Riverway, Environmental Regulatory, and First Nations.

It is often necessary to coordinate works during specific fisheries windows so as not to impact spawning activities or otherwise negatively impact the fish and wildlife habitat. These projects often include additional sediment control, erosion control, and replacement of vegetation.

Emergency Bank Protection: Erosion Arc F Fraser River, West Of Page Road
Emergency Bank Protection

Coastal Erosion Protection
Coastal Erosion Protection

Esquimalt Graving Dock, Waterlot Remediation Fish Habitat Construction
Dunn’s Nook Habitat Restoration




The goal of the landfill closure process is to design and construct a final cover system that minimizes the percolation of precipitation into the waste while having the necessary systems in place to collect and safely discharge the leachate and landfill gases from the existing landfill debris. The final cover system is constructed to provide optimal rates of infiltration, evapotranspiration, and run-off which sustain vegetation, prevent erosion and require little or no maintenance. These systems must allow a landfill to stabilize to the point where it no longer presents a threat to human health or the environment.

Skway Landfill Closure
Skway Landfill Closure Phase 1

Hope Landfill Closure
Hope Landfill Closure

Norampac Landfill
Norampac Landfill Relocation