Heavy Civil Services

JJM has enjoyed success managing a wide variety of heavy civil projects, both on land and on water; projects large or small, simple or complex. We have the experience, resources and management to ensure the safe and successful completion of all kinds of heavy civil and marine projects. Our forte is mass precision excavation and materials handling, on land and on water, and we own and operate a large equipment fleet with the latest technology that enables us to excavate and handle material efficiently and accurately. JJM is also known for its innovation and for finding smarter and more creative ways to build the job quickly and efficiently.

  • Earthworks
  • Mass Excavations & Fills
  • Deep Shored Excavations
  • Lightweight Fills
  • Foundation Preparation
  • Trenchless Excavations
  • Shoring
  • Transportation Infrastructure
  • Utilities
  • Sewers and Forcemains
  • Storm Drainage
  • Water Supply
  • CIP Concrete Chamber
  • Remediation
  • Contaminated Site Clean-Up and Restoration
  • Habitat Replacement
  • Site Development



Earthworks are one of our core competencies, and we pride ourselves on our ability to perform all manner of precision earthworks on both land and water. JJM has experience working in Metro Vancouver watersheds and we appreciate the high sensitivity for performing earthworks carefully to prevent erosion and contamination of the water. We have a large fleet of late model earthmoving equipment of various sizes and capacities and we use biodegradable hydraulic fluids in all of our construction equipment.

Delta Shake & Shingle (DSS) Landfill ClosureDelta Shake & Shingle (DSS) Landfill Closure Coquitlam UV Disinfection PlantCoquitlam UV Disinfection Plant Front Street Utilities Relocation and Sewer UpgradeFront Street Utilities Upgrade and Sewer Relocation 


Transportation Infrastructure

JJM has completed numerous transportation infrastructure projects over the years, representing all modes of transportation – highways, bridges, ferry terminals, airport improvements, railway infrastructure. Projects have ranged from incremental upgrades to existing facilities, to the construction of completely new developments in new environments.

CP Rail VIF Lot 3CP Rail VIF Lot 3 Road Rail Utility Corridor, Ridley IslandRoad Rail Utility Corridor, Ridley Island Prince Rupert Replace Trestle & Two DolphinsPrince Rupert Replace Trestle & Two Dolphins



JJM has extensive experience with cut and cover projects, often requiring deep excavations with appropriately developed shoring systems in place, and careful management of groundwater and excavation spoils (including contaminated soils). We have completed numerous projects in the construction of linear infrastructure including gravity and forcemain sanitary sewers, storm sewers and potable water mains, as well as the associated municipal, commercial and residential service connections. These projects have included all associated works such as pre-cast and cast-in-place chambers for valves and tie-ins, pump stations and controls, testing and commissioning, and site restoration.

Westminster Highway Culvert ReplacementWestminster Highway Culvert Replacement Fraser River Forcemain Crossing - Land PortionFraser River Forcemain Crossing – Land Portion South Delta Main No. 1 ReplacementSouth Delta Main No. 1 Replacement