Marine Construction Services

JJM is well equipped to perform a wide range of dredging and marine construction projects. Our fleet is well suited to a broad range of marine construction activities including dredging, pile driving, drilling, underwater blasting, wharf and pier construction, dyke and revetment construction, demolition, salvage, and marine transport of equipment and materials.

  • Dredging
  • Conventional Cable Clamshell
  • Precision Hydraulic Clamshell
  • Suction Dredging and Slurry Pumping
  • Hydrographic Survey
  • Quantity Survey
  • Bathymetric Survey
  • Site Remediation
  • Environmental Dredging
  • Demolition & Site Clean-up Salvage
  • Habitat Replacement
  • Materials Handling & Placing
  • Aggregate Handling & Placing
  • Disposal at Sea
  • Contaminated Material Transport & Disposal
  • Pile Driving
  • Docks & Piers
  • Combi Walls
  • Erosion Protection
  • Scour Protection & Coastal Revetments
  • Precision Underwater Fill
  • Rock Placement & Fill
  • Marine Terminal Services


JJM has extensive dredging experience, both mechanical and hydraulic, for navigation, aggregate supply, and environmental remediation. We specialize in precision dredging and accurate placement of capping, fill, and scour protection materials, both above and below water, and have completed numerous maintenance dredging projects up and down the Fraser River and around Georgia Strait. These projects have typically involved clamshell dredging of accumulated sediments into our split-hull dump barges and disposing of the dredge spoils at approved ocean disposal sites.

Pacific Terminal Basin DredgingPacific Terminal Basin Dredging Plumper Bay and Ashe Head RemediationPlumper Bay and Ashe Head Remediation Redredging - Paramount Site, StevestonRedredging – Paramount Site, Steveston


Hydrographic Survey

We have our own in-house hydrographic survey capabilities to support our dredging operations and marine construction activities. JJM has over twenty years of hydrographic survey experience in support of dredging operations. Our methodologies have evolved with the rapidly changing and improving technologies. JJM dredging projects now routinely involve a pre-construction hydrographic survey, creation of a 3-D digital model of the dredge area with an overlay of the design dredge cut profile, and the use of up to date GPS/RTK positioning equipment and dredging software to ensure accurate dredging to the design profile. Learn More…

Sunken Object Detection Sidescan Bathymetry