Oceanfront Squamish – Carbon Foreshore Improvements


Oceanfront Squamish Development LP


Oceanfront Squamish – Carbon Foreshore Improvements

The Scope:

JJM was contracted for the supply and installation of 460 sq m of concrete lock-block retaining walls including the placement of 4,400 cubic meters of bulk backfilling, and 350 tonnes of asphalt and the supply and installation of lighting conduit and light bases along the Cattermole Slough to provide a new multi-use pathway. The project also included 1,220 sq m of ground improvements utilizing wood piles placed within the environmentally sensitive intertidal zone.


The purpose of the ground improvement was to create a dense zone of soil which would help reduce the potential for lateral movements in the event of a major earthquake. This in turn allowed Oceanfront Squamish to develop a shoreline walking trail as a community amenity for the District of Squamish. The project was complicated by the fact that there was an intertidal marsh running along the existing foreshore in the job site area. To accomplish this, JJM had to provide careful environmental protections to the existing marsh grasses as well as any marine life that exists close to the shoreline. There was also a technically challenging aspect in that the project required a floor construction level of 4.1 m elevations making the transitions from the existing elevations of intertidal and riparian habitats. A further challenge of the project was the short timeline for completion within the ‘least risk’ fisheries window. To limit the environmental impact of the timber piling ground improvements, untreated logs were ‘fresh headed’ and vibro-impacted into the ground. Each log was unique and this required careful driving and quality control to achieve required densities.

JJM was able to complete this work allowing Oceanfront Squamish LP to deliver a lasting  pubic amenity to the District of Squamish in keeping with the improved environmental values of the development.