Oceanfront Squamish Park


Oceanfront Squamish Developments LP


Oceanfront Squamish Park

The Scope:

JJM was contracted to work on the Oceanfront Squamish Park that was commissioned on behalf of the District of Squamish as a component of the redevelopment of a former industrial zone. Located on the southern tip of the Oceanfront Peninsula directly south of downtown Squamish, the new park includes an upland park area with an oceanfront walkway, two beaches, rocky headlands with viewpoints and an intertidal marsh bench. This striking, new amenity is available for enjoyment by the residents and visitors of the District of Squamish.


The project scope was split into three main project zones: subtidal, intertidal and upland. Each of the three zones had its own technical ,constructability issues, and overall the site presented challenges associated with the environmental conditions due to the project’s location, and to prior land use. As a consequence of past industrial activity, soil at the site contained elevated levels of mercury and other contaminants and needed additional soil management procedures. The project required the handling and placement of significant volumes of gravel, aggregate and riprap and other fill material. JJM placed this fill both from land and from barges. Marine placement was supported by extensive internal survey to ensure accurate placement of the ‘natural’ shaped headland and beaches. The upland portion of the project incorporated significant ground densification and improvement procedures to allow future development.

Due to the unique location of the project at the head of Howe Sound there were concerns about the possible impacts to the terrestrial and marine vegetation, various fish species, and marine mammals. JJM was able to tackle these challenges utilizing our extensive experience in operating in environmentally sensitive areas, and we developed a comprehensive construction environmental protection plan that addressed all areas of risk for the duration of the project.