Anthem Portside – Dike & Environmental Remediation

Anthem Properties Group
New Westminster, BC

The purpose of this project was to reclaim foreshore land and enable the developer (Anthem Properties) to construct waterfront homes fronted by a multi-use path.

This involved removing 0.5m of contaminated sediments and replacing it with clean river sand. Dock structures from the existing shipyard were then removed and the site was prepared for ground improvement. The full length at the foreshore area was then treated using the “bottom feed” method of stone column ground improvement to create a 9m wide seismic dyke. Next, the treated foreshore was faced/protected by an architectural lockblock wall, extending up to 8 blocks deep, into the marine sediments. Riprap scour protection was placed along the entire length of the dike.

The deeper excavations for the lock block walls were well below the high tide line (and even the low tide line in some instances). The lockblock wall was curved and battered, a combination which resulted in varying radii between courses of blocks. Custom lock blocks were designed using AutoCAD and fabricated to accommodate these variations.

Most of the work was in the inter-tidal zone which required careful planning to work within tide constraints. As such, the work was planned for the summer when the low tides predominately occur during daytime hours. The fisheries least-risk window also prevented any work from being completed prior to June 15, 2020. This meant the work could only be completed from June to October.

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