Diavik Dike Foundation Preparation

Diavik Diamond Mines (2012) Inc.
Diavik Mine, NT

To develop and build an open pit mine, Diavik Diamond Mine (located approximately 300 kilometres northeast of Yellowknife), required a 2.2 km dike be constructed and the water pumped out. In preparation for building the dike, JJM Construction Ltd. removed and disposed of soft lakebed sediments within the dike footprint and prepared the foundation for dike construction.

Sediment and boulders were removed using clamshell dredging and cutter suction dredging methodologies delivering  the dredgeate 5 km from the dredge site. JJM installed a filter blanket and stability buttresses in areas of adverse lakebed bathymetry, in preparation for the embankment placement. We also installed and maintained an owner-supplied turbidity curtain that protects Lac de Gras from sediment dispersal from the project site.

The project presented significant logistical challenges, since transportation of construction equipment and materials could only be done via ice road hauling in the late winter. 

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