DP World Fraser Surrey Docks Barge Fender Modifications

DP World
Surrey, BC

The purpose of the project was to add fendering to accommodate the berthing of flat deck barges below the existing dock fenders that were designed to accommodate ocean going ships. The additional fender frames were fabricated in-house and bolted to the existing concrete caps and beams to transfer forces from the barges in the berth into the existing bents at 7 locations.

The planning of this retrofit work and frame fabrication first required scanning the existing dock to identify reinforcing steel, then modifying the new bolt locations to avoid the rebar. Holes were cored into the concrete, structural steel frames were fabricated, rubber fenders were attached to the frames, and then the completed units were bolted onto the dock face using Hilti Hit epoxy. Once the frames were mounted, epoxy grout was installed between the mounting brackets and the existing concrete.

We utilized our RT crane for lifting the completed frames into place from the deck of the dock which required the use of timber crane mats on the deck to spread the load, and positioning the crane directly over pile bents.

Access under the dock was by work-floats and care had to be taken to avoid pinch points on the dock, and slow-bell was enacted by Coast Guard Traffic in order to reduce risks from passing vessel wakes.

Work on site went as planned. Challenges around fit up of the frames to the existing dock were easily overcome by measuring and collaborating with the Owner/consultant.

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