Esquimalt Graving Dock, Waterlot Remediation

Public Works and Government Services Canada
Colwood, BC

JJM Construction Ltd. performed the work as a partner in Tsunup Ventures LP, a First Nation majority owned business. This project involved the remediation of Dunn’s Nook, connected to Esquimalt harbour via three large culverts, to create compensatory fish habitat related to the larger EGD Waterlot Remediation project.

JJM constructed a dam and installed dewatering sumps to isolate the lagoon from Esquimalt harbour. The lagoon was pumped out and the stream diverted so that the contaminated sediment could be excavated in relatively dry conditions. JJM employed a water treatment plant to treat site drainage to meet strict marine discharge criteria. The contaminated muck sediments were stabilized and consolidated by adding cement, which bound up the water and solids. The stabilized sediments were then easily trucked to a licensed landfill for disposal.

The clean pit run fill was placed to raise the bottom elevation of the lagoon. A layer of sand was placed over the fill in broad areas to provide a suitable planting bed for the eel grass. Once the earthworks were completed, the dam and sumps were removed, culverts unblocked, and Dunn’s Nook was reconnected to Esquimalt harbour to create the brackish water lagoon. In March 2014, approximately 45,000 salt grass plugs were planted. JJM monitored and maintained the plants until March 2016.

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