Hard Ground Dredging & Sediment Remediation

Department of Fisheries & Oceans Canada
Campbell River, BC

The purpose of the project was to remove densely compacted sediments along the perimeter of the navigational areas to increase marina capacity and remove navigational hazards associated with shallow water. This included dredging of hard sediments in a very confined area in and around the floats and docks of the Campbell River marina. 

Previous mechanical dredging approaches focused on cable dredging. The cable dredge was unable to penetrate the material to the target dredge depth. JJM utilized its 180 tonne dredge excavator with a custom clamshell bucket to remove the dense material.

Sediments were super saturated and required dewatering in order to transport safely for disposal at a landfill facility. JJM employed a specialty dewatering technology to mechanically separate sediments and reduce the moisture content. This made the material safe for transport and acceptable for disposal at the landfill facility.

Tight spaces for moving barges in and out were a concern, and extra time was taken moving in and out of the dredge areas, which was done without incident.

The dredging was completed on time and within the budget. The owner and the marina manager were both very impressed with the capabilities of JJM’s dredge excavator.

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