Hope Landfill Closure

District of Hope
Hope, BC

The Hope Landfill project scope in general consisted of offloading and shaping 215,000MT of non-toxic waste to final 3H/1V slope contours throughout the site. Upon completing fill placement, gas collection systems and final landfill closure systems were installed. In addition, drainage infrastructure throughout the site was constructed to promote water collection at the landfill’s newly constructed Leachate Treatment System, the final design of which included a 1,300m² lined settlement pond, a 1,000m² lined wetland, an aeration system and lock block retaining walls up to 6 blocks high.

To complete the works expeditiously the work was coordinated such that offloading waste as well as constructing final gas and closure systems and wetlands were completed concurrently where possible.

The nature of the works were heavy civil intensive and involved preparing and maintaining temporary access routes throughout the site for trucks and heavy machinery. In addition, rock quarry works were completed in order to generate 10,000m³ of blasted rock used to establish final roads and rip rap lined ditching; the completed quarry also provided an additional air space volume necessary to receive the 215,000MT waste quantity.

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