Norampac Abatement and Demolition

Oxford Properties Group
Burnaby, BC

JJM Construction Ltd. was selected to complete the detailed work preparation and systematically complete the abatement and demolition works of all buildings and structures located at 8255 and 8360 Wiggins Street in Burnaby. Building areas covered a ground footprint of approximately 400,000ft² and included office buildings, an old paper mill plant, office/truck scales, mechanical workshops, warehouses, water treatment plants, docks, pump houses, oil sheds, fire stations and waste water treatment buildings.

The abatement works included the removal and disposal of asbestos containing materials (ACM’s), lead, mercury, and handling ozone depleting substances and PCB’s. Materials demolished included mastics, plaster coatings, drywall filler, floor finishes, cinder block grout, vermiculite insulation, roof felts, window putty, mortar, duct insulating materials, tanks, thermal insulations / wraps for mechanical piping and transite cement products. Each of these materials had an approved safe work procedure and hazard assessment which was part of an extensive exposure control plan. All documentation (including manifests) was provided and coordinated with the owner’s representative on site. Approximately 30,000m³ of reinforced concrete was demolished and crushed on site. Works also included the removal of approximately 2,700 concrete frankie piles and creosote treated timber piles.

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