Prince Rupert Replace Trestle & Two Dolphins

British Columbia Ferry Services Inc.
Prince Rupert, BC

JJM Construction Ltd. performed the rebuild of the Prince Rupert Ferry Terminal. The Terminal services the Northern BC coastal routes, including Port Hardy, Bella Coola and the Queen Charlotte Islands, providing the only vehicle access to the Queen Charlotte Islands. The existing structures were sequentially removed and replaced while maintaining ferry service.

Included in the scope of work was the supply and installation of 32 large diameter steel piles for the access trestle structure and berthing dolphins for the terminal. The piles were installed into the underlying bedrock and the berthing dolphins included a 24 tonne fender panel to accommodate the 12,000 tonne ferry vessels. 

The challenges associated with the project included dealing with multiple outside agencies, including BCF, Port of Prince Rupert and local First Nation environmental consultants; managing and maintaining existing ferry traffic; and difficult ground conditions which impeded drilling operations. JJM developed a specialized drill system to minimize turbidity levels resulting from the pile installations.

Careful planning and coordination was necessary to ensure pre-fabricated components would be on site, on schedule, and would be correctly sized to meet field conditions.

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