Skway Landfill Closure Phase 1

Tervita Corporation
Chilliwack, BC

JJM Construction Ltd. performed civil earthworks for Phase 1 of the Skway Landfill Cap and Closure project, located in Shxwhá:y Village in Chilliwack. JJM worked with Tervita and Sperling Hansen Associates to develop a remediation plan to excavate and relocate 48,000 m³ of refuse material and close the steep slope landfill.

The scope of work for this project includes placement of 45,000 m³ of owner-supplied low permeability soil cover, and supply and placement of a 21,000 m³ granular cushion and drainage layer. JJM installed a 75,000 m² LLDPE geomembrane liner, 950 m leachate collector toe trench and a leachate collection system, which directs the captured leachate into the sanitary sewer system for treatment and disposal.

The history and location of the site presented several challenges. The landfill has been operating for over twenty years and is filled with a variety of materials, including asbestos, and is generating landfill gas. As such, construction methods and site planning were utilized to minimize the risk of igniting a fire in the waste material or contaminating the environment. Control of odour and landfill gas emissions was also a major concern due to the site’s proximity to residences in the Village. JJM supplied and installed 2,070 m of 100 mm diameter landfill gas collection pipe, and construction of a solar flare combustion system was included in JJM’s scope of work to destroy greenhouse gases and hydrogen sulfide odours that were generated on site.

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