South Delta Main No. 1 Replacement Phase 2

Greater Vancouver Water District
Delta, BC


This phase of the project encompasses 52nd Street from 28th Avenue to 12th Avenue in Delta and included the installation of approximately 2,435 m of 914 mm diametre x 7.94 mm wall coated steel bell and spigot pipe, all required mitre bends and valves; construction of 8 air valve chambers and 10 blowdown chambers, with associated appurtenances; and the relocation of existing underground BC Hydro and Telus ducts at the Springs Boulevard intersection.

The challenges associated with the project include dealing with multiple outside agencies (including the Corporation of Delta, Tsawwassen First Nation and the Ministry of Environment); managing traffic on a busy collector road with residential traffic and heavy traffic headed for the Tsawwassen Mills mall; trench excavations up to 4 m deep; and dealing with a high ground water table, necessitating constant pumping to avoid flooding and instability of the excavated trench. JJM also fabricated a customized trench shoring system to provide optimized pipe installation access while maintaining trench integrity.

Careful planning and coordination is necessary to ensure shop-fabricated components (mitres, flanged spools, valve connections) are correctly positioned when field installation takes place, and all existing underground utilities have been accommodated as required.

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